Monday, November 1, 2010

Leg #1 - Jersey to Roanoke VA!

First day was a little hectic - despite living out of suitcases and driving in a car for 6 hours with an active kid, a super active almost toddler & a larger sized dog we were doing pretty well - from NJ to PA to MD to WV to VA!

We were halfway done and about to pull into the hotel - EUREKA!!!

Or so we thought - this is when AJ deiced to puke all over herself, her blankie & her car seat! I had to throw away all her clothes, hand was the blankie while gagging, throw away and buy a new car seat (luckily there was a Babies R Us across the street from the hotel to buy a new one at) and clean out the car. She wasn't really sick, she was just fine - I guess she just had enough of the car! Next we decided after checking in we would get settled and get into our bathing suits and take the kids to the pool since they had been couped up all day - WRONG! While getting ready AJ pushed Dylan over in the bathroom, he bashed his face into the tile floor and gave him a big fat bloody lip. Ok NOT going to the hospital at this point so we apply lots pressure to a kicking and screaming really strong boy, stop the bleeding and take a breath! Now I think we are FINALLY we are ready for the pool - WRONG AGAIN! Now Marley is puking all over the room!

FUN FUN FUN TIMES! I LOVE traveling and living out of suitcases for weeks with 3 (YES 3) very young kids and a dog!

Anyway, we finally got to the pool, went out to eat and then went to sleep so we could make the final leg of the journey down south tomorrow!

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