Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dylan's 1st Turkey Day Birthday!

This year, Dylan's birthday fell on Thanksgiving! He woke up to a morning birthday cupcake complete with a candle and singing from mommy, daddy & AJ! He got to open some fun presents and then got to enjoy a feast for dinner which was great because we all know how much the D man likes to eat!!! It was great having Alex's parents and brother here to celebrate with. Dinner was awesome and was just like home - I missed my family terribly but it was nice to share some of my family recipes with Alex's family! The boys watched some football, AJ played outside with her uncle and grandma and we all had a nice relaxing day! After dinner we had a ice cream football birthday cake - it was cute to see Dylan dig right in with the back end of his spoon and devour it!

Hope you had a great 1st Birthday Dylan - your Daddy, AJ and I are so so so blessed to have you in our life - you are the happiest soul I know - a born smiler! I can't believe how quick the past year has gone and how much you have grown and all the things you can do! YOU ARE TRULY TROUBLE! We definitely have our hands full with you - you are into EVERYTHING - a constant ball of crazy energy! You don't stop and for this we love you - even when you are driving us nuts your smiling face let's you get away with it!

It just seems perfect that the day you remember all the things you are thankful for is the day we get to celebrate 1 year with you, because after all you and AJ are what Daddy & I are thankful for most of all!

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