Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moving In!

Wake up Georgia - the Matrale's of NJ are moving in! The moving van was there bright and early - it was great to see all of our stuff coming on in and all the kids furniture and everything else being put together. AJ and I had to leave the boys for a little to go check out her new school - well when I got there I hated it! Great, now I need to rush to find another place! Well finally a day later after visiting quite a few more schools I found the one I loved and there was an open spot - awesome! Before going home AJ and I hit up Publix (which is less then a 1/2 mile away) - my cart was literally overflowing when we were done! When we got back almost everything was in! Crazy! Now the fun of organizing and decorating come is! Can't wait for this! Oh and when we got home from shopping for our bedroom furniture we had a adorable cookie welcome package from the cousins - SO cute!

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