Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dylan's 3rd Birthday!

Dylan, you are our rough and tough bundle of sweet, sweet love! You keep things interesting for Daddy, AJ and I on a 2-3 minute basis - we NEVER know what to expect! We are all SO very grateful to have you as ours - you keep us young and active and we are appreciative to have such a healthy and happy BOY! Love you to the moon and back and beyond! You are all OURS and we are SO VERY proud! At your 3 year doctor visit you weigh in at 37lbs (90%) and you are 38 3/4 inches tall (80%)! Your a big boy! You are doing great at school and you are awesome with you colors and numbers. You are a little rough at times and you need to be reminded A LOT about the rules and how to be a better, more gentle friend! You have a huge vocabulary and you LOVE to sing and dance - Katy Perry's ET is your absolute favorite now. You also love Moves like Jagger, Dynamite, I'm Sexy and I know it, Call Me Maybe, Justin Bieber's Baby and a few others! You can literally hear a song once or twice and know all the words! Daddy and I often wake up to your voice sining in your room all alone! Like Daddy & I you are super stubborn and want to do things YOUR way! AJ is your best friend and you want to do everything she does - at times you two are so sweet and loving and at times you beat each other up! You have the bluest eyes and the blondest hair - you are SO beautiful! This year we went out to dinner the night before your birthday with Grandma and Pop Pop to Quanto Basta and we got to sing to you and you got to blow out your candle! When you woke up in the morning AJ gave you her presents upstairs and then we surprised you with your traditional morning cupcake, balloons and all your presents from everyone! YOU LOVED LOVE LOVED Mimi's work bench and thought Aunt Nonie & Uncle B's garbage truck was AWESOME! You got so many more cars, truck and trains that you play with all the time - I am convinced at this point that a boy can never have too many tucks or cars! Oh, and last week at school you asked your teacher if she was drinking a beer - it was a can of coke zero - LOL! LOVE YOU!!!! Happy 3 years baby! Hope this next year is happy, healthy and filled with lots of fun!

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