Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mimi's Visit, Hurricane & Halloween!

We were so excited to have Mimi here from NJ for the past week! We got out shopping ON, took her to a awesome German restaurant near by, carved pumpkins, celebrated Halloween and most importantly had her here during Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy will go down in the record books for sure - so much devastation and so much loss. Our beloved Jersey Shore is GONE - the boardwalk literally is part of the ocean, weeks later we still can't get down to see what remains of the house we spent every summer out since I was born! What is important is that everyone I know & love are ok - almost every single family member was w/o power (including our VERY pregnant Noelle) for a long time and gas is still hard to come by but NJ is strong - they will rebuild and they will move on! Here is Alex & Mimi at the German restaurant and a few others -
Carving Pumpkins-
Jersey Shore in Ruins-

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