Thursday, November 1, 2012

MY Dylan!

Dylan asked for a pic of him with his puppy he carries around everywhere! Isn't he edible? My little man melts my heart into pieces! Academically he's doing super in school, he's super verbal, knows his colors and shapes and he loves music class - he knows all the words to all the songs and loves to preform them for us! He is very outgoing and quick to pick up on things. Of course he's still a little rough and pushes and tackles his friend and has been fresh to his teachers at times, but he wouldn't be MY DYLAN if he didn't do these things! Love you to the moon and back D, even if you do cause some trouble at school! You will be a leader not a follower later on for sure! Daddy and I are proud of you and will continue to work on being a little bit more gentle and kind! :)

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