Friday, November 23, 2012


We had a beautiful, yummy Thanksgiving this year and were so happy Mom & Dad M were here to celebrate with us! We started our morning off with delicious cinnamon rolls and parade watching. I cooked a yummy turkey with all the yummy trimmings including everyones favorite Mama Linda's sausage stuffing, AJ, Dylan and Grandma were in charge of our yummy dessert, AJ & Grandma set the table together and Alex carved the Turkey! I was so thankful that we were all together and that we had such a lovely day! Of course there was plenty of wine and plenty of football and plenty of running around playing like crazy! So nice to relax home all day with family! Oh and Santa Christmas came back Thanksgiving night - the kids were SO SO excited! Of course to start off the season right he bought them a few goodies! They are on the nice list, let's hope they stay that way!

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