Monday, October 13, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa Matrale

AJ, Alex & I had such a fun Sunday with Grandma & Grandpa! It was so nice out so when they got here they took AJ & Marley for a walk to the park - AJ had fun on the slide and Marley met some new friends - Grandpa gave them them his whole story on everything from his breed to his dental hygiene! When they got back we watched some football and snacked on some cheese, pepperoni, veges with ranch, and chips with dip (oh a few bottles of red wine)! AJ showed off her walking skills and walked all over the house for them - she even attempted the step out to the porch - she got up and down it pretty good holding on to the wall - GO AJ! AJ napped for a bit and then we decided to go out for a early dinner - after a small debate on eating in or taking out we all decided seafood it was! For our appetizer we shared some clams in a garlic sauce that was really yummy and for dinner Grandpa, Alex, and I all got ALASKAN KING CRAB LEGS (SOOOO GOOOD) and Grandma got lobster & shrimp - everything was AMAZING - I even ordered a extra butter halfway through because mine was all gone (My name is Lauren and I am not ashamed to say that I am a butteroholic - I can and most days do eat it all day long on ANYTHING - really anything)!

So we had a great day and will miss Grandma & Grandpa while they are in Florida - can't wait for our visit to them and Uncle Peter in November!!!!

PS - Much to Grandma's delight I am sure, none of us remembered to bring the camera to dinner!!! UGH!!! I will however remember it in FL and will make sure to torture her with it!!!

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