Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding Fun

It was such a wonderful wedding, the ceremony was beautiful (Anthony cried when he saw the beautiful bride and was all choked up saying his vows - its was so touching). The bride and her mom were so gorgeous - they both looked so amazing! The Westmount Country Club was just beautiful, I have herd such wonderful things about it and finally got to experience it. The cocktail hour was awesome - I have never seen so much amazingly yummy food in my life! The shrimp cocktail was the size of my fist, there was a dumpling and sesame chicken station, a roasted pig station (amazing), a Italian feast outside on the deck with clams, sausage and peppers, italian hot dogs and mini sliders, there was a pasta station with about 6 different kinds of pasta, there was a fillet of beef station with the most perfectly rare meat, there was a California wine station complete with meats and cheeses, there was a martini menu with all kinds of fun drinks, there were passed dishes of fried mozz, beef and tuna tartar, mini dogs, etc., there was a sushi station, a eggplant parm station - I could go on and on and on - it really never ended, I don't even think I got to half of it!!!! The band was amazing and played soft music and sang during cocktail hour and got us all up and moving during the reception. Dinner was amazing - I had a seafood medley over pasta and Alex had the prime rib. The venetian hour was incredible - all of a sudden the dance floor was turned into this amazing display of delicious deserts - they came out with these rolling tables and performed this amazing show - there was a flaming cake and all kinds of flaming fruits, there was a port wine and cigar station and countless others, there was a cookie and pastry tray at the tables - again I think I only made it through half...

I deleted every picture from my camera by mistake trying to set it back to the original settings (Katrina was messing with it)! I was so mad! Here are a few a friend took and sent over!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time - you look gorgeous - as does the bride, naturally! Love your hair!

--"The Non"

Melissa said...

Beautiful wedding! The food sounds amazing. You get invited to some sweeeeet weddings girl!