Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend this year was wonderful! Friday night Alex came home from work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers - I was so happy to get them Friday so I could really enjoy them all weekend long.

Last night we had dinner with my mother, brothers, their spouses, my cousin Noelle and her mother and aunt. Alex and I haven't been out to dinner in ages and we wound up going to one of our old favorite spots - Benvenuti - all the food was delicious as it usually is and AJ was pretty great considering it was way past her bedtime and she had a little cold. For an appetizer we shared clams in white wine sauce & stuffed mushrooms. For dinner I had the veal Francaise and Alex had the braciole and for dessert I had some very tasty lemon sorbet!

Sunday morning after receiving my beautiful cards and a gift card for a spa facial (can't wait to use it!!!), Alex made the best breakfast for me - chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, eggs, fresh fruit, & oj!!!! We all sat around the table and listened to some tunes on the iPod and really enjoyed the morning!

In the afternoon we planted my basil, tomatoes, strawberries & parsley, did the normal yard work and hung out in the back yard.

AJ and I took naps around 2 and Alex and I watched golf the rest of the afternoon. I am looking forward to my homemade manacotti tonight complete with gravy meat that has been cooking all day long!!! This weekend went by way too fast - can't believe it's almost over!

Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there!

Stay tuned to Matrale Madness everyone - there may be a very big announcement coming at the end of this coming week!!!!

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