Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 09'

This year for Memorial Day weekend we decide to go down to my moms beach house for a long weekend. Alex, AJ and I left on Thursday evening and stayed till Sunday. The Jones-Ferrells met us down on Friday and stayed till Sunday, the McSpirits stayed over night on Saturday and the Zielke-Jacoby's even made it for the day on Saturday. We had a fun filled, action packed weekend and are all still exhausted from all the activity!  

Thursday night Alex, AJ and I took it easy - we went grocery shopping, got some dinner and went back to the house to relax. Friday morning we woke up and walked to Sunny Hunny for breakfast - AJ loved the Mickey Mouse pancakes!  By the time we were done with breakfast the Jones-Ferrells were arriving - we went with them for a very humorous trip to the A&P and then hit the beach!  It was a little chilly but the kids still had fun in the sand and we all enjoyed a nice walk along the beach. After the beach we went back to the house to BBQ - yummy! The kids all played in the back yard and the adults prepared lunch - hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ baked beans, mac and cheese and all the fix ins!  After lunch AJ and Chris took naps and then it was off to the boardwalk for some rides, games and dinner!  Alex, Taylor, Donnie & Bill even got to ride go carts!!!  The kids (big & little ones alike) all had a really great time! 

Saturday Alex & I woke up early and took AJ on a walk to go get bagels.  Taylor had a special request for bacon so we cooked up a pound and enjoyed that with our bagels!  After breakfast we walked over to the park and let the kids play for a while, then we decided since it was so nice out we would go to the beach at the bay!  It was great and even had a play ground on it for the kids to play at!  The ice creme man came and we all enjoyed a cold treat!  After we went back to the house to meet up with the Mc Spiritis and BBQ again!  Michele even made her special mac salad & Taylor her home made mac and cheese - lunch once again was great!  The kids took naps after lunch and then Eddie & Mark arrived.  When the kids were up we hit the boardwalk again.  We went on more rides, played more games and ate a nice dinner!  There were 12 of us but we managed to find a sit down restaurant that we didn't have to wait long at all to eat at!  

Sunday morning we woke up and walked over to Sunny Hunny for breakfast again - this time AJ & Chris got to see Elmo & Whinny the Pooh!  We went on a nice walk up to the beach after and then went home to wake up the McSpirits - it was off to the water park!  The water park was SO much fun and Bill even got us our own private cabana with waitress service!  We had a nice (greasy) lunch and then packed up for home!  

WOW - what a great weekend we had!!!  AJ slept the whole car ride home (1 hour 15 mins), through dinner and through the night to the next morning - 3PM - 7AM to be exact - WOW!

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