Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Play Date!

Today, Monique brought her sons Vinny & Christian over to Michele's for a play date along with Cheryl, Elsa, AJ & I. We all had a really great time and the kids all played so nicely together. The moms got to enjoy some of Michele's excellent cooking (2 kinds of quiche, a awesome walnut & cranberry salad with very fancy cucumbers & some delish corn bread!), some of Monique's awesome products (Arbonne) and most importantly some adult conversation! Monique's youngest is 6 months and it was so so so so nice to hold him and give him a bottle and do all that "baby" stuff again! As much as I LOVE watching AJ grow and LOVE all her different stages I miss the baby stage! Anyway, we all had a really great time and hopefully we will get to do it again some time soon!!

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