Saturday, January 23, 2010

2 Months!

At two months old Dylan is an absolute love! He smiles all the time and has the bluest eyes. He talks to us like crazy - he makes the best coo's and gurgles ever! He loves to eat and is packing on the pounds - he is in size 3-6 months and has quickly outgrown so many clothes already! He has been sleeping pretty well for us and gives us 6 hours at night, wakes for a bottle and then give us 4 more - if we could only get him to skip that middle of the night bottle we would be golden! He loves his big sister and the two of them are so cute together - he gets really wide eyed when he watches her. He even lies on the bed and watches a little tv with her - I guess he likes all the colors of her cartoons! He loves to be rocked, loves bath time, loves his bouncy seat, likes his play mat and likes looking at all his brightly colored sesame street friends - he smiles like crazy at them! He sits pretty good in his bumbo chair - he has nice head control. And of course he knows how to cry like a champ when he is gassy, unhappy, hungry or just wants to be held and snuggled! I can't believe how much joy he has brought us in jut 2 short months or how quickly it all flies by!

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