Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

This year we rung in the new year home! AJ went to the doc early in the day to find out she had pink eye and the weather was pretty yuck, so we were happy to stay in! Alex and I hung around in our sweats, watched some tv, ate some fattening snacks and drank some champagne! Being with the man I love and a smooch at the stroke of 12:00 AM was all I wanted or needed to make my night special! Then a quick kiss for AJ & Dylan and it was off to sleep!

New Years Day we spent at my moms. The whole family was there and some of my cousins got to meet baby Dylan for the first time. I made pasta fagioli soup (it was a hit) and there was lots of other goodies - sloppy joe sandwiches (the nj cold cut and cole slaw kind, not the ground meat with special sauce kind), penne vodka and all kinds of awesome dips and chips and lots! Our Mountaineers lost both in the Gator Bowl and in Basketball, but it didn't kill our spirits. All 4 Matrale's still looked good, dressed for the part!

On Sunday I was under the weather but Alex, AJ & Dylan had a awesome day with the Carras cousins. AJ had a blast running around like crazy with her cousins - Matthew, Nicholas & Christopher. Great Grandpa Matrale told a bunch of his usual stories, Pop Pop did his normal running around picking up the food and other stuff (including soup for me and wipes since I forgot to pack them and Dylan had TWO poops!), and Grandma, Aunt Marie and Tracy were all happy to fawn all over baby Dylan!

What a great way to start off 2010 - with all the family that we love and hold so near and dear!

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