Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home Theater!

So Alex has loved our new TV (Samsung, really big, hd, flat panel, etc.) since we got it about a year ago. His only complaint has been that the TVs speakers can't handle the big sound. FINALLY I caved and let him (did I really just say "let him" - isn't he the only one making the bucks?) buy a small sound system for it. I agreed, knowing for sure I would hear NO difference and I would just be whatever about the whole thing - in fact I'd be aggravated about fining a way to conceal the wires and annoyed about what a mess it looks like since we can't afford a new TV stand or someone to professionally put in the system behind walls! I was kinda wrong - the sound is incredible, I seriously didn't think I would be able to tell, but I can, and it's really GREAT! I still hate our $20 set up/hide the wire thing but I guess we take the ugly (thanks Target) with the GREAT!

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