Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kidz Village

Last week, Juna and I took the girls to a really neat place in Kennilworth. It was just like Imagine That Kids Museum in East Hanover, but better! Like Image That, there were all different theme rooms. There was a ballerina room, a diner, a construction and train room, a beauty parlor, a grocery store, a really neat room where you can shoot balls at each other that they were a little too young for, a theater, a arcade area and a big jungle gym area! The good thing about this place is that it isn't that huge and you can really see all of the rooms from anywhere in the place and you get checked in and checked out for a extra security measure! The best part is the price - play as long as you want for $5 - can't beat that! They also have a food area and the freshly made pizza (yeah that's right - they make each pizza fresh) smelled yummy - I am going to have to check that out next time!

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