Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th at Bill & Shell's & AJ's First Fireworks!

Party #2 of the day was at Bill & Michele's house!  We all swam more, ate more, got more sun & AJ napped!!!  It worked out ok because I was able to wake her to go see the fireworks and then since she was still super tired 1/2 way through we left early and beat the crowd home!  Her first fireworks weren't a HUGE hit but she did like them and she watched without being scared and she talked about them the next morning "fireworks boom in the sky" (at least I know she was kinda awake for them and not just a walking zombie)! 

We had a great long day & luckily AJ slept in till 8:30 AM the next morning (normally she is up at 7:00 AM).  Unfortunately Baby Boy Matrale didn't get the memo and woke me up at 6:30 AM kicking away - it was really wonderful though because Alex got to feel his son move for the first time!!!

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