Sunday, July 5, 2009

Space Farm Zoo & Museum!

To start off our 4th of July weekend Alex, AJ & I took a drive out to check out the Sussex County, NJ area.  We are thinking about moving to western NJ next year so we want to start seeing which areas we like best!  While checking out the area (which was beautiful, green, country & perfect for us) we decided to stop off somewhere fun so AJ could enjoy the day too!  We found a great place called Space Farm Zoo & Museum - it was SO much fun, beautiful, cool & the weather was great!  The whole thing is in a huge wide open area and there are tons of animals to view and a bunch to feed!  AJ LOVED feeding the deer, sheep & goats and she just really enjoyed running around in all the open grass!  The museum part was really cool and we got to see tons of good stuff!  Overall we decided that both the area and Space Farm gets two thumbs up!!!!

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