Friday, July 17, 2009

Pizza Night!

Tonight we had home made pizza for dinner - I LOVE Friday nights home with my 2 favorite people - we always eat something good & fun!!!

Pizza Lauren-

whole wheat dough ball cut in half
1 large block of park skim mozzarella
1 1/4 inch thick slice of deli pepperoni cut into chunky strips
1 can of Don Pepino pizza sauce (best one around)
2 big leaves of fresh basil cut into strips
grated Parmesan Reggiano cheese

Flour your rolling pin and surface and roll out each dough ball very thin (I roll ours into rectangles to fit our pans).  Lightly oil each pan and lay your dough on the pan and work it around to fit.  Top each with 1/2 the can of sauce, then sprinkle with basil, peperoni, mozzarella & Parmesan cheese.  Bake each in a preheated oven (450 degrees) for 10 minutes - slice & serve!!!

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