Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day at AJ's School

Today my mother and I went to go see AJ sing spring and Mother's Day songs at school. She did such a great job and knew all the words and the little actions to go along with the songs. She walked right in and yelled "Hi Everybody" and while up at the alter she yelled "Hi Mom" and "Hi Mimi" - she was so happy we were there to see her and was so cute! Afterwards we went into her classroom where she presented me with all the gifts she had been working on at school. First a book about me - the teacher asked her question and she gave her own answers - it was hysterical! Next I got a beautiful poem with AJ's handprints on it - I am going to put this into a frame and hang it up. Then there was a recipe holder she made complete with the very first recipe in her words! The teacher asked for something she liked to make with mommy and she choose cupcakes and told the teacher how we make them. It was adorable! Finally I got a beautiful card and a certificate for the worlds best mom! What great gifts - I will treasure them always!

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