Monday, March 9, 2009

Bath Time Baby!

So we finally got AJ a baby that she can bring with her into the bath! She always was trying to take her American Girl Bitty Baby or the one of the other cloth ones in and we keep telling her she can't. While at Target over the weekend we found the perfect thing for her - a baby made specifically for the bath. It even has tiny wholes in the crotch, feet and hands so you can squeeze out all the water when done in the tub. She loves it - every night when I ask if she is ready for a bath she runs to get the baby and strips her down. She throws her in the tub and once in too she cleans her off with the wash cloth. Then they both come out and get dried and then AJ gets on her pj's and then it's the babies turn! She really is such a cutie pie and one day will make a really great big sister!

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